Our Story

Our Story

We first fell in love with gourmet popcorn, on a romantic evening, leisurely
enjoying every bit. The crunch, the caramel, and the cheese had left us breathless
and dumbfounded. Such perfection, such elegance, and such finesse surrounded
every single kernel.

This is when we decided on bringing the divine snacks to the Pakistan. We are proud to bring and introduce Gourmet popcorn for the first time ever in Pakistan.

After a thorough training by the best chefs in the international industry, Pop Nosh was formed. The ingredients handpicked with affection and skill, and each kernel handcrafted to bring to you the most profound snacking experience. Our countless different, delicious flavors will boost your cravings and would leave you wanting for more and more.

Our Mission

We aim in popping happiness with our flavorsome handcrafted gourmet
popcorn. Pop Nosh is a healthier, cozier, and scrumptious snack.

The intention for Pop Nosh started with the desire to do something that has never been done before in Pakistan. It grew as we fell in love with gourmet popcorn and
became an aspiration. We are the original gourmet popcorn and Pakistan will never see our quality compromised in any aspect.

For us Pop Nosh is love and love comes in a plethora of different flavors introducing you to different emotions. With Pop Nosh we aim in creating high-end
snacking options which are both healthy and flavorsome. One can experience the
different sides of love through the thrilling new flavors in chocolate, caramel, and cheese.We are a food escapade for all those who love popcorn, and you can share your love with us on 0322-POPNOSH(7676674).