Pop Nosh Popcorn Sundaes


When one thinks about snacks; popcorn or rather Pop Nosh and its delectable Gourmet popcorn is the first thing to pop into one’s mind, overpowering all other thoughts and making one’s mouth water. Popcorn is our go to comfort food We must not forget ice cream too when we talk about snacks, a beloved childhood treat that follows into one’s adulthood.

Ice cream seems completely out of context when we talk about popcorn right? For just a second, imagine having ice cream and popcorn together ...what could be better than a concoction of your two favourite snacks? It seems unbelievable, doesn’t it? However, Pop Nosh, our go to popcorn brand is a connoisseur of innovative items, consistently coming up with products to satisfy our cravings and fill us with utmost joy.

This time around, Pop Nosh has truly outdone itself and impressed us beyond words by introducing “Popcorn Sundaes” !!! The name alone makes one enthusiastically look forward to the delicious treat. Nobody else could have thought of such an outstanding product or delivered their plan with complete perfection.

Let me introduce the details of the scrumptious sundaes that leave little else to be desired. Pop Nosh’s sundaes are not just plain popcorn mixed with plain ice cream....that would be too basic for the innovative company...right?In fact, there are a number of different flavours that provide a unique blend of ice cream and popcorn to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Firstly, there’s unicorn tears, a colourful concoction of ice cream, popcorn and m&ms. It’s bright colours are meant to cheer one up and fill positivity in a monotonous day. It’s a flavour meant to please children and adults alike.

Another flavour is “Double chocolate Oreo”. This Pop Nosh sundae is an Oreo lover’s dream and can be enjoyed by others as well. It is a blend of Oreos, ice cream and chocolate popcorn with chocolate sauce drizzled on top to complete bring together the whole thing as a dream. Not trying this flavour at least once means one is truly depriving themselves of something great.

The third flavour is a fusion of caramel popcorn, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and creamy soft serve known as the “Popcream”. Caramel popcorn are a divine snack to begin with and combined with soft serve ice cream, the sundae feels like a beautiful dream come true.

Who doesn’t love brownie with ice cream, a famous treat liked by all; adding popcorn to it would only make it a whole lot better right? This unique combination is exactly what the “brownie popcorn sundae”, satisfying all your cravings and at the same time leaving you full with a sense of complete bliss.

These Pop Nosh sundaes add a lot of fun, excitement and pleasure to one’s boring day and anyone who does not have these sundaes is surely missing out on a lot in life.

For now, Pop Nosh has provided us with four flavours only but these flavours are unique enough to leave nothing else to be desired. However, with Pop Nosh’s history of providing us with wonderful surprises we can rely on Pop Nosh to surprise us with more unexpected and flavoursome sundaes in the future.

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