Introducing Pop Nosh Gourmet Cones - For the First Time in Pakistan

Pop Nosh Gourmet Cones - For the First Time in Pakistan


Indulge in the fresh, tasty, and exquisite collection of popcorn treats here at Pop Nosh. Pop Nosh brings you, for the first time in Pakistan, our signature gourmet soft serve cones.

We don’t offer just any mediocre ice cream cones; we bring more to your table than those old, boring, soft, simple wafer cones. Our waffle cones allow you to indulge in the artistry and delicacy of a carefully pieced together masterpiece, a gourmet creation of art. The crunchy, freshly toasted golden waffles are topped with any flavor of your choice


Introducing the Pop-Cream, light vanilla ice cream adorned with caramelized, crunchy, popcorn, all sitting on top of a crisp waffle cone toasted to the perfection- a perfect treat for those with a more elegant flavor palate.



Though, if you’re in a more adventurous mood, one filled with excitement and thrill, we suggest our famous Rocky Road cone; a vanilla waffle cone topped with Roasted Nuts, dipped into a pool of chocolate fudge, encasing all the sugary goodness together. The cone is then crowned with our signature ooey-gooey caramel sauce- you wanted an adventure, and we popped one right up for you.




Finally, for all you chocolate lovers out there, the ones with taste buds fit for kings, we present to you our Oreo Delight cone. The dark chocolate waffle cone, crowned with the creamy vanilla ice cream, dipped in our signature Cookies Dip and topped with huge, delicious chunks of Oreo biscuits- powdered with some too.


With Pop Nosh Gourmet Ice-Cream Cones exclusively available at our Signature we give you an experience to remember. An experience of choice, an experience of a flavorful, exquisite dessert.


The Gourmet Cones are available at our POP NOSH SIGNATURE SHOP at METRO Cash & Carry, Model Town Link Road, Lahore.

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