Pop Nosh Collaborates with Jalal Sons



         What better place to get a bucketful of your favorite fresh Gourmet Popcorn than your nearest Super Store.  Pop Nosh Gourmet Popcorn is proud to announce its partnership with Jalal Sons.  This is the first time that we have come together with a major local brand to make freshly popped Gourmet popcorn more accessible to the local customer.

          Pop Nosh Gourmet Popcorn has received immense love and appreciation since the time of its launch. Customers from all over Pakistan vouch on the finest quality of product and customer service. This serves as a motivational factor for the Pop Nosh team, and encourages us to work harder.

        One of the tasks that remain our top priority is to make sure that our popcorn is easily accessible. So that the Pop Nosh fans can enjoy the finest and the freshest of popcorn. Jalal Sons is a brand that flaunts an age old legacy. The brand was established in 1948, and gained popularity in the 2000s; a fruit of their hard work and no compromise on the quality of their product.

      The idea behind our partnership with Jalal Sons is to have a small kiosk setup at each of their locations starting from Main Market Lahore, moving to the first branch of Jalal Sons Faisalabad and so on. The kiosks would contain all of your favorite 20 different flavors. The partnership with Jalal Sons is to make sure that your favorite snacks are just a block away

      We at Pop Nosh Gourmet Popcorn are proud to associate ourselves with a brand that shares our core values.  Pop Nosh has built itself from the ground up, in a short time, through our belief in hard work, quality product, and customer care. Jalal Sons is a name that has always been associated with quality products in reasonable prices. The easy access locations add to the benefits of this partnership

Dont ignore your popcorn cravings; get your favorite from the nearest Jalal Sons outlet. We pop fresh batches,daily.

Happy Noshing

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