Introducing Lotus Biscoff Popcorn in Pakistan

Did  you know that the word Biscoff is a combination of “biscuit” and “coffee”?  And that the Lotus flower symbolizes purity? Believe me, the taste is exactly what comes to your mind and so much more. Lotus Biscoff is a unique flavor, combining subtle hints of all the flavors you love . The taste of Coffee, cinnamon and  butter  give you a delightful taste. Whether you feel nostalgic, homesick, festive or comfy, Lotus Biscoff is a flavor you will definitely be reaching out for.

We’ve all heard about the recent trend right now , Lotus Biscoff. From Lotus Biscoff cheesecakes to Lotus tiramisu  to Biscoff cookies ; its satisfying our sweet tooth like none other. It’s almost as if it is this decade’s new Nutella . It will  treat your taste buds to an  extraordinary  unique experience. 


We at Pop Nosh strive to come with new and exotic  yet  scrumptious  popcorn flavors for our beloved  customers. Our  sole aim is to satisfy your cravings. We now introduce to you ,our new Lotus Biscoff popcorn. Popcorn is the ultimate comfort snack and the well thought flavors we introduce are a total bliss. Lotus Biscoff popcorn is one such flavor, melting in your mouth and transporting you to a comfortable, warm autumn, the kind you hear of in stories; or to childhood memories you have buried under the stress of your busy life. There are only a few things in the world which can give you a burst of such feelings . Pop nosh  popcorn does exactly that.

So .....What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing flavor to experience it for yourself. Visit your nearest stores or order online at

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