Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn; sounds vintage, doesn't it? If we look at the origins of Kettle Corn, it actually roots back to the 18th Century, and maybe even before that. For all of those who like a little historical aspect, there are many variations of the story behind its origin. Some say it was made by the Germans during the 18th century in cast iron kettles. Lard and sugar was added to the corn, which made it sweet and salty. Kettle Corn was then brought to America by the German settlers and Europeans. Others argue that cowboys and the farmers in the mid-west would pop the corn in iron pots along with honey or molasses.

Kettle Corn lost it popularity during the 19th century. However, in the 2000s it came back with a bang. Pop Nosh Gourmet Popcorn is proud to bring the authentic version of Kettle Corn for the first time in Pakistan. The Gourmet Kettle Corn by Pop Nosh is undoubtedly the best version of the legendary treat.  Each kernel is the fluffiest, and the crunchiest. The sweet and salty crunch leaves a velvety and silky after-flavor and is a treat for the taste buds.  The aroma is tempting, and the crisp gold color is a delight.

At Pop Nosh Gourmet Popcorn our Non-GMO Corn is popped to perfection in the finest quality of Coconut Oil. We believe that popping popcorn is a form of art and for an age old recipe like Kettle Corn it needs to be an epitome of perfection. Luckily we have the best trained chefs, who work hard to make sure that the Kettle Corn at Pop Nosh is a delicate blend of the sweet and salty crunch that you crave for. It is arguably one of the most famous snacks of the world and is perfect for every occasion. The best part about Kettle Corn is that it is low in calories and high on taste. Kettle Corn is available at our store all year round and belongs to our Classic Flavor Family.

Pop Nosh delivers nationwide and is set to open up its branches in all of the major cities of Pakistan. Currently we are located at Emporium Mall Lahore, Packages Mall Lahore, and Giga Mall Islamabad. We are coming to your city soon, but until then why should you stop Noshing? You can place your orders online at our web store, call us at 0322-POPNOSH, or email us at for assistance and queries.

Happy Noshing.

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