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How to Build Your Own Tin

Popcorn is a universal snack, loved by people of all ages. Some adore popcorn for its crunchy texture while others love it for its various flavors. Pop Nosh is behind the fame of popcorn in Pakistan. After being the first company to introduce gourmet popcorn in Pakistan, Pop Nosh is continuously striving to come up with better innovations. One such brilliant innovation is the B.Y.O. Tin that is, the Build Your Own Tin option.

Snacking makes a person feel satisfied and happy along with easing some of their tensions. I believe that personalisation can greatly boost a person's happiness about things they like. The Build Your Own Tin by Pop Nosh provides you with that perfect boost. It allows you to customize your own popcorn tin to your liking. You can choose the color of the tin to be either red or pink. The Family Tin (Large Tin) allows you to have three different flavors from different categories.


Spicy Jalapeno


The first step is to choose any flavor from the savory category. For people who prefer spicy popcorn, there is Flaming Hot, Peri Peri and Spicy Jalapeno; they are unique flavors provided by Pop Nosh that are sure to satisfy all cravings of spice. We, at Pop Nosh, understand that not everyone likes spice or has a good tolerance of it so we’ve added a few other amazing flavors to the savory section too. The savory section also contains Cheddar cheese, and French Butter.

choco loco

One section of a B.Y.O tin will contain a premium flavor. The premium flavors are a delight to the taste buds and leave little else to be desired. Besides being divinely delicious, they are sure to go very well with the savory popcorn. If you are someone who loves to combine spicy with sweet, you are going to adore this combination. The premium flavors are Choco Loco, Lotus Biscoff, peanut crunch and roasted almond. The flavors are a delight on their own or you can choose one which would go well with your other choices. The Lotus Biscoff flavor tastes as delicious as the lotus spread while the Choco Loco option is perfect for any chocolate lovers. The peanut crunch and roasted almonds are an amazing treat for anyone who likes nuts as they contain peanuts or almonds along with the popcorn. It may seem odd but the nuts and popcorn is a nice combo, which could only be thought up by Pop Nosh, an amazing connoisseur. This is because Pop Nosh is always trying its best to work out what its customers would enjoy.

Salted Caramel

The third section of a B.Y.O.Tin is the classic popcorn. Though classic, these flavors are far from being basic. They follow the Pop Nosh principle of being the highest standard and having the best taste. Caramel popcorn is liked by people of all ages and the classic category has 2 flavors related to it: Caramel Crunch and Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel. If you want something bright and colorful or children are going to be sharing this tin with you, the unicorn mix flavor should be your go to as it has colorful popcorn. Kettle Corn and English Toffee are 2 classic flavors you can choose that will make you reminisce your childhood and the beautiful memories associated with it. This category also has the Cinema Mix popcorn as an option for you.

If you wish to give the B.Y.O tin to someone as a flavorsome surprise for any occasion, you can personalize the lid as well. There are 5 options available for the lids: Eid Mubarak, Happy Birthday, Best Father, Best Mother and the incredible original Pop Nosh logo. The tin also comes with a beautiful card so you can write your wishes on it. Your gift is sure to be adored and remembered as a remarkable and unique choice among gifts. The B.Y.O. tin is designed in such a way that it prevents your popcorn from spilling out or losing their crunchy texture so there’s no need to worry about stale popcorn. This means that your favorite popcorn can accompany you on trips or long drives thus, becoming your favorite traveling snack as well.

The B.Y.O tin is available online and in-stores too so you should rush to try this goodness for yourself. To book our orders for nationwide delivery, click here.

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