Here’s How You Can Watch GOT with Pop Nosh


GOT fans have been mocked on, their obsession has been made fun of, and yet we have come up stronger each season. Those who have never watched GOT do not realize that it is in fact the series of the decade. We have survived numerous spoilers, developed diverse theories, and even been through the heartbreaking delay to the premier of the final season. The final season has to be perfect, the streaming uninterrupted, and the snack bowl always full. The question is, which snack produced in Pakistan is as good as the internationally acclaimed GOT? The answer is obvious; it’s the premium quality, handcrafted, perfectly round, and flavorsome kernels of Pop Nosh. Prepare yourself for the lethal combination of freshly popped melt-in-your mouth, Pop Nosh and the breathtaking GOT Final Season.


Yes! Stock-up on different flavors of Pop Nosh. The GOT this season is as unpredictable as it gets, and we never know if you would need the fiery hot Peri-Peri for the breathtaking revelations or a bowl of the warm Caramel Crunch for the heartbreak afterwards.  We can’t help you with the issue of interrupted streaming, however, we can help make sure that your snack bowl is always full.

Let us tell you the simplest way of ordering Pop Nosh. Simply WhatsApp your order to us with your address and contact number on 0322-POPNOSH (7676674). And hey, if you can’t decide on the flavors, why not simply get the family tin which can have up to three different flavors at a time?


Winter is here!

Team Pop Nosh wishes you a happy GOT season, lets all hope that all ends well in the much awaited, nail-biting season finale. This is going to be a bitter-sweet moment for all the GOT seasons, and the end of a GOT era. Make it special with our special Pop Nosh flavors, and enjoy every moment. For more details and descriptions of up to 20 different flavors by Pop Nosh you can visit us at

We will love if you share some of your favorite GOT and Pop Nosh moments with us.


Happy Noshing with GOT.



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