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It's time to throw away all the cookies, and chips out and bring in some new and amazing flavors by Pop Nosh Gourmet Popcorn. Because its time to start snacking healthy. Popcorn has countless health benefits, that may be surprising for many of us.


Some of the nutritional facts of popcorn are discussed below:

1. Popcorn is packed with protein, it has more protein and phosphorus than eggs and spinach.

2. Popcorn is low in calories, and has only 31 calories per cup, which makes it a great option if you are focusing on loosing some weight.

3. Popcorn is a very good source of dietary fiber because it is "whole grain".

4. Popcorn will never let you get bored, you can eat it plain, salted (Salt and Vinegar), buttered (Movie Theater), sweetened (Caramel Crunch), with nuts (Almond Caramel). 

5. You can ward of the hunger cravings with popcorn, because it is mostly just "popped air".

6. Popcorn is "gluten free", and can be used in a variety of different recipes.

So, what are you waiting for? Start healthy snacking from today. Pop Nosh Gourmet Popcorn provides you with a variety of different flavors to choose from. You can place your order here, contact us on our social media, or call us at 0322-POPNOSH (7676674). 

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